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Carina Rivera  Appointed as New Councilmember

San Gabriel is a beautiful, historic city that deserves well-qualified, highly-committed and fully engaged Leaders that will work for all the people. 

After two rounds of extensive interviews held during special City Council meetings on February 9 and 10, 2022, the San Gabriel City Council voted to appoint Carina Rivera and John Wu as its two new councilmembers.

As a long-time resident of our City and a very active Community Volunteer whose family has owned and operated a small business in San Gabriel for 50+ years, I have a deep and clear understanding of the shared concerns of my fellow residents.  

Carina Rivera San Gabriel City Council

Fostering The Right Connections

Bringing Inclusion, Diversity and Equality to all who live in our city. 

We want and need to preserve our historic past, of which we are very proud, while also pursuing exciting new ideas and opportunities to ensure our city progresses with the times. We must come together and work as a community to find unique approaches to improve the quality of life for all residents.

My dedication to and long-time involvement in the community has given me invaluable experiences and resources to find these unique approaches and implement them. Being a single mother drives my commitment to build a safe and healthy community in which our families will continue to grow and thrive.



 Bring Mental Health awareness and resources to our families.


 Invest and support our public safety organizations and first responders.


Build partnerships with local businesses therefore retaining vital businesses in the city.


Bring more community services and events that will benefit youth, seniors and veterans.


Ensure transparency in city government and fiscal responsibility with hard-earned taxpayer dollars.


Have an open-door policy to welcome, embrace and help all San Gabriel residents.

Allow me the privilege of continuing to connect our community and bring inclusion, diversity and equality to all who live in our city.

I kindly ask for your vote and support to
Keep Forward Progress Going!

"I am proud to endorse Carina Rivera
for San Gabriel City Council!"

A well-qualified, highly-committed and fully engaged Leader

"I am proud to endorse Carina Rivera for San Gabriel City Council! She is a successful small business operator who has been a strong advocate for our youth, first responders and diverse communities. I look forward to working with her to uplift the residents of the City of San Gabriel!" 

“Carina is a strong proponent for the residents of San Gabriel, working tirelessly to ensure Public safety, community engagement and serving the people. I proudly endorse and support Carina Rivera for San Gabriel City Council.  

The San Gabriel Police Officers’ Association has proudly endorsed Council Member Carina Rivera for the upcoming San Gabriel City Council election campaign! Elections are in November 2024 and we encourage that you vote for her to serve on the San Gabriel City Council.

Congratulations on receiving the endorsement of the 50,000 members of The Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters and their families. The Southwest Carpenters LA-Team Political Action Committee supports candidates who are committed to working for the betterment of our members and other constructions trades. Together we can create a better quality of life for our men, women, veterans, youth and disadvantaged residents of our communities. We stand proudly with you in building a better community wealth.

Honorable City Council of San Gabriel Carina Rivera:

Thank you for your community service and impressive interview.

IAPAC (I-Chinese American Political Action Committee) Board have decided to endorse you for the 2022 Election of City Council in the City of San Gabriel.




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